Sword Swallowing and Acrobats at The Commons



At the tender age of 22, Aerial Manx performed the World’s First ‘Handstand Sword Swallow’, absolutely redefining extreme sword swallowing and pioneering ‘Sword Swallowing Acrobatics’.

Manx has circled the globe multiple times performing in street theatre festivals, theatres, and corporate events. All of these performances showcased his contortion, whipcracking, various forms of juggling as well as many other skills, and ultimately his unique record breaking sword swallowing stunts.

You can see Aerial Manx at The Commons from the 9th til 15th of December, performing each night on the green for free. Check out times here



This Side Up acrobatics is a group of highly trained performers specialising in circus arts and physical theatre.

Enter a laboratory of acrobatic impossibilities, where old science meets new circus in a heart-stopping, high-energy creative experiment.

You can see This Side Up at The Commons each night from the 15th til 18th of December, performing on the green for free. Check out times here