Sweet Treats at The Commons Street Feast

Chasing your sugar fix? Here’s where you can get your sweets at The Commons Street Feast

The Grace Caravan 

Hailing from Melbourne, The Grace Caravan do incredible home made sweet treats. From lemon slice, to vegan gluten free chocolate brownies, espresso coffees, home made lemonade and more – it’s a one stop shop for a late night treat.


Gelato Messina are the godfathers of gelato. The mad dessert professors at Messina will send your tastebuds spiralling into gelato oblivion with these four heavenly flavours;

– Black Forest Bisque – chocolate-fondant gelato, cherry jam, kirsch cream, kirsch- soaked sponge.

– Faux Pho – salted-coconut sorbet, kaffir-lime marshmallow, lychee coconut cream, chilli-cashew crunch.

– Zuppa Duppa – hazelnut gelato, wild-strawberry preserve, pistachio crunch, Amaretti biscotti.

– American Chow Down – peanut gelato, Oreo custard, cream-cheese mousse and pretzel crunch.

If anyone knows how to raise the bar (or soup tin) on the most intricate gelato flavours, it’s Gelato Messina.



You can get yourself a fresh coconut served with ice cream. It’s a summer treat and goes perfect with a spot on the grass in the shade.


De Wafel 

These waffle lords create only the freshest and tastiest Belgium Waffles, served with your choice of either fresh fruit, tim tams, ice cream, cream, chocolate and caramel sauce. You can even go out and order the lot! We recommend trying their Tim Tam special.


Kranksy Brothers

The Kranksy Brothers are going old school with $1 Zooper Doopers! They’ve got a freezer full of these delights and are the perfect cool down for these hot summer days.