DIY Pact Beer Co. degustation with Mary’s Burgers

Pact Beer will be on tap at the Mary’s pop up inside The Commons from this Friday. We asked head brewer, Kevin, to match their beers with the Mary’s menu to ensure maximum flavour opportunities

Take a beer and burger degustation journey through the Mary’s menu, paired with Pact Beer Co brews.

Cheese Burger and 100 Acres IPA

The 100 Acres is an earthy, piney, but deceptively drinkable 6% IPA. This forest floor stroll of a beer tiptoes across a bed of tangy pickles and decadently double melted cheese, forcing you to take another bite…and another swig…and another bite…and another swig…shit. You need another burger…and a couple more beers…


Mary’s Burger (or vege burger) and Mt Tennent Pale Ale

You don’t need to meat beef to meet the ultimate pairing. The refreshing, tropical hop bomb that is the Mt Tennent Pale ale washes back the satiatingly sweet brioche bun and spicy zing of the flavour source that is the Mary’s sauce.  ‘Satisfaction!’ …said your tastebuds.



Devas-Tater Tots and 42.2 Summer Ale

Party a bit hard the night before? We’ve heard of pre-loading, but a hangover is never fun. Cut through the pain with a plate of Devas-Tater Tots and a fresh Pact Summer Ale.

Brimming with hot beans, egg, cheese, and the carby goodness only potatoes can provide, this dish is sure to soothe the soul and the head. Them beans are hot though. The light, refreshing, and slightly fruit 42.2 summer ale counters the hot beans perfectly, leaving you ready and raring for a boogie…and another beer.