Meet The MEET Truck

What is MEET? 

At MEET you can expect to experience Brazilian barbecue with a modern twist. Upbeat vibes, trendy décor, good times, great people and most importantly- incredible food, is what makes MEET tick. Though MEET originally began as a singular restaurant site on the Newcastle waterfront, it has recently expanded into the mobile business that is The MEET Food Truck. But don’t be fooled, the same principles apply- incredible food and all!


 How did MEET begin? 

Co-owners and head chefs Luciano Cruz and Daniel Pires, originally from Rio de Janeiro, had been best friends for 20 years and always dreamed of opening their own restaurant. After relocating to Newcastle, NSW and working in different kitchens, they decided it was time to go out on their own. Newcastle was screaming out for something different and they were going to be the ones to do it. Cruz and Pires then met co-owners Mitchell Steel and Jarrod Mullen and instantly hit it off. As a unit, the boys worked tirelessly to combine ideas and visions and transform them into reality. Today MEET stands as one of the busiest establishments in Newcastle and is a testament to the boys, their hard work and their passion for quality Brazilian food.



MEET Restaurant specialises in traditional Brazilian churrasco (barbecue). All of our meats are skewered and cooked to perfection over ironbark & charcoal. With over 11 different cuts of meat on offer, our knife-bearing waiters carve each meat at the table in front of you. In addition to the meats, the churrasco also includes over 10 traditional Brazilian sides ranging from salads, beans and rice to Brazilian cheese bread and polenta. The MEET Food Truck adopts the same barbecuing technique, but offers a tapered menu for producing quick street food of the highest quality.


What makes MEET so unique?

MEET is unique for many different reasons. It combines Brazilian tradition with modern contemporary style. It bodes a unique staff group that are more like friends than colleagues. It offers an upbeat vibe that is contagious to customers and the like. And finally, it offers insanely good food that is distinctive and made with the utmost care.


 What’s the most popular item on the menu? 

The most popular item would probably be the lamb leg. We marinate a full leg of lamb in a paprika rub and slowly barbecue it over hot charcoal. The lamb is then carved straight off the skewer and served- so it doesn’t get much fresher than that! 

What’s your suggestion for anyone coming to The Commons, but overwhelmed by the choices? 

I would recommend going with the full barbecue plate. Three meats and three sides- you cannot go wrong! It gives customers a taste of everything whilst also giving them an insight into traditional Brazilian food and cooking.


What’s your tip on avoiding food envy?

Here at MEET we try not to get food envy! We are extremely supportive of all the great things other businesses are doing around us and are really confident in what we are serving up too. We are constantly trying other people’s food and being inspired by what those around us are doing. When you work with other great vendors, it creates a better environment for everyone, so it’s important to support and encourage those around you who are working towards a similar goal. That being said- this may be a different story on the day as the foodies line-up for The Commons is too good to be true! 

If you have a CHANCE, what’s the other food truck you’ll go try?

We love to support locals where we can, so we will likely give our fellow Novocastrian’s Poco Loco a visit. We have also heard amazing things about Mary’s, so they can expect to see all of us from MEET too. Wait, how many breaks can we have?!


What drink best matches your food? 

We usually suggest lighter beers with our food to counteract the heaviness of the smokey-flavoured meats. Something similar to a pale ale or a summer ale will go great with our food. For wine, you can’t go past a lighter red- anything with a bit of tannin and light to medium body. A Pinot Noir is always a good choice! Cocktails with a bit of citrus, acidity or spice to cut through the strong flavours of the meats are also great. Simple but delicious!