What is Rolling Schnitzel? 

Rolling Schnitzel is a cook to order gourmet schnitzel food truck that pops up at events around Australia. Wraps, burgers and snack packs make up the bulk of the mouth-watering menu to leave you feeling satisfied after a delicious meal.


Born out of a love and passion for good food, Ryan always considered and toyed with the idea of a food truck servicing the Sutherland Shire. Taking a leap of faith, he took over the Rolling Schnitzel truck in 2016 and has successfully catered for thousands of people. Quickly building a reputation of good food and service with a smile.

How would you explain the kind of food that you do to someone that’s never heard of it? 

Delicious, tasty and cooked to order schnitzel served any way you like it.

What makes Rolling Schnitzel unique? 

The incredible menu and cooked to order food, leaves our customers with a smile on their face and a full stomach!

What’s the most popular item on your menu? 

A snack pack is delicious cooked to order schnitzel cut up on top of a hot bed of chips with the topping of your choosing – gravy, mushroom sauce, cheese and bacon or special Boscaiola sauce (available only at select locations).

The snack pack satisfies your craving for a fresh meal giving you a bit of something different.


What’s your suggestion for anyone coming to The Commons, but overwhelmed by the choices? 

Come and have a chat with my incredible team and we would be more than happy to help you out to find the perfect meal.

What’s your tip on avoiding food envy?

Try a schnitzel for yourself!

If you have a break, what’s the other food truck you’ll go try?

Fritto and Co it’s something a bit different and I love the service and fresh food.

What drink best matches your food? 

Bring your drink, and we’ll come up with a cool match for you.