Introducing The Butlers

The Butlers are nothing short of an indulgence – a way to treat yourself and your friends for a night at The Commons.


They can do all the little things for you to make your night a gluttonous dream. This includes full table service, where they order and they’ll pay and deliver food on your behalf.

The Butlers have direct access to each of the vendors, so even if there is a line, they can bypass it and go straight to the source. This access is exclusive to the Butlers, in restricted numbers each night. There’s no need to worry, your luxury will not impact the experience of the common punter.

The Butlers will a reserve a table for you when you arrive, which is exclusive to Butler bookings. They’ll be trained in food photography and can help you take the ultimate photo to upload and share. At the end of the night they can also walk you through some key exercises to help work through your food coma.

We’ve recruited only the best staff to fill the rolls, all overseen by our head butler Alfred.

Take a weight off, and treat yourself at The Commons with The Butlers. Bookings are extremely limited, head here to find out more;