Gelato Messina Debuts at The Commons

Right from the get go Gelato Messina have been making some of the finest and wildest gelato in Australia, so it’s really no surprise they have created a gelato masterpiece in a chilled soup tin.

The favoured and well-flavoured Messina will cool down the hype this summer at The Commons, bringing their International Soup Kitchen for all gelato lovers to enjoy.


Yes, you heard right – Messina’s International Soup Kitchen will be serving four insanely decadent soft serve sundaes in an exclusive Messina dessert soup tin. Can’t get any more unique than that right?


A mix of clever craftsmanship, a high level of passion and amazing natural and raw ingredients has created four ‘explode in your mouth’ flavours from around the world.

The mad dessert professors at Messina will send your tastebuds spiralling into gelato oblivion with these four heavenly flavours;

– Black Forest Bisque – chocolate-fondant gelato, cherry jam, kirsch cream, kirsch- soaked sponge.

– Faux Pho – salted-coconut sorbet, kaffir-lime marshmallow, lychee coconut cream, chilli-cashew crunch.

– Zuppa Duppa – hazelnut gelato, wild-strawberry preserve, pistachio crunch, Amaretti biscotti.

– American Chow Down – peanut gelato, Oreo custard, cream-cheese mousse and pretzel crunch.

If anyone knows how to raise the bar (or soup tin) on the most intricate gelato flavours, it’s Gelato Messina.


Sit back, relax, crack a Messina tin and let your tastebuds run wild with the best gelato in Australia at The Commons.