5 Reasons Why You Can’t Go Past Bao Stop at The Commons

Bao’s are a steamed, fluffy buns that house different flavours of awesome inside. Originating from Taiwan, they’re a favourite snack food that are perfectly sized to scoop up in one hand. Bao Stop have been raising the bar with their homemade Bao across Australia, and we’re excited to have them at The Commons this December

Here’s just five reasons why you can’t go past Bao Stop at The Commons

1. Bao Stop are the masterminds behind Peking Duk Fries

If you haven’t had Peking Duk Fries in your life yet, you’re missing out. Bao Stop created the monstrosity of juicy peking duk served over fresh french fries, topped with sauce and spring onions. The serves are ample and the taste is next level.

bao fries by pertheats


bao frie

2. They don’t make you choose just one flavour

They serve the Bao Trifector, which is one of each of their signature flavours per serve. It’s a sure fire way to eliminate all food envy and maximises flavour intake.

bao by @emotivelightphoto

bao pic by @aholeinmyshoe

3. It’s like eating a cloud

But tastier.

bao by @truffle_piglet

4. Bao Stop isn’t just a pretty face

They may create some of the most Instagramable food, but also some of the tastiest. All the ingredients are super fresh and made with love.

bao Great pics from Queen of Bad Timing

5. It’s worth waiting for

In a little over 2 years Bao Stop has fast become a crowd favourite, with some of the biggest lines of people at each event they hit. Their Bao’s are worth waiting for and they’re absolute pro’s at getting them in your hands super quick.

Bao pic by joshgetsfatbao stop Pic credit @debrachng.mkr f

Make sure you check out Bao Stop at The Commons for a feast!

Feature image by @Queen of Bad Timing