If you find an enormous zombie clawing its way out of the ground at The Commons Street Feast, it’s just the National Gallery of Australia serving up delicious berry and apple zombie pops! Each zombie pop comes with a special offer to see the Hyper Real exhibition!

At the Hyper Real exhibition, on now until 18 February, you’ll see a levitating man, a genetically engineered baby and towering giants – welcome to humanity amplified. The exhibition features uncanny figures with painted silicon skin, glass eyes, human hair and cutting-edge digital art, Hyper Real provokes reflection, fascination, fear and joy. From eerily lifelike sculptures to out-of-this-world virtual reality, this major exhibition charts the evolution of hyperrealism into the 21st century. A compelling chronicle of the cycles of life and our constant need for connection, Hyper Real explores the fundamental question: ‘what makes us human?’

‘An astonishing, hyper-investigation of the real and the surreal that challenges what it means to be human in the 21st century. Fabulous, fantastical and fundamentally thought provoking!’
– Hyper Real visitor